VE Vegan Inc.


Introducing Manitoba’s first gourmet plants-only food line. Flavorful meals for healthy families and a healthy planet.

We specialize in Vegan Ready to eat Food, Dry mixes & sauces. Some of our dishes are even oil free. Majority of our food line is Gluten Free.

Established in November 2019.

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3 Allincite Rd,Winnipeg,Manitoba,R2P 1S9,Canada
(204) 227-1646

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Our Products

VE Vegan Chai Masala
VE Vegan Golden Latte Masala
VE Vegan Aviyal
VE Vegan Cabbage Carrot Thoran
VE Vegan Tamarind Chutney
VE Vegan Frozen Soups

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