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The Open Kitchen prides itself on offering Manitoba’s only rural state-of-the-art food production facility that is privately owned and collaboratively run with local culinary artisans.

Founded in 2008, the business is owned and operated by three siblings, Doug and Dennis Langrell and Jennifer Studler, who grew up on a small farm in the town of Warren, Manitoba, Canada. Starting as a small saskatoon orchard, DDJ Saskatoons has evolved into a government certified food production facility. The siblings and local culinary artisans collaborate on facility growth and development, while sharing a passion for innovation and quality production. The culinary studio is fuelled by a passion to create noteworthy flavours and gourmet products for all to enjoy.

Established in May 2008.

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30 Farmingdale Boulevard,Winnipeg,Manitoba,R3P 2G1,Canada

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Commercial Kitchen Available for daily use by small food processors and startups.

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