Heyru’s ethically sourced African based products

Heyru is a Manitoba-based wellness, health, food and cosmetic company, promoting sustainability, healthy lifestyle products, all ethically-sourced in Nigeria and packaged in Canada.

Heyru is a member of FABmb, which focusses on wellness, health, food, and cosmetics. Their products and vision promote a sustainable and healthy lifestyle, all ethically sourced in Nigeria and packaged in Canada.

Heyru is a proudly Manitoban company specializing in traditional hibiscus tea, Kenyan tea, and Shea butter for skin care.

Making a positive contribution to the local market is one of their key cornerstones. Their philosophy is one of staying natural and earthy: their products should come from the earth, be sustainably produced, and be all-natural. They ethically connect with African and Canadian suppliers and artisans.

Heyru’s strong African identity allows them to introduce people to the wonderful raw ingredients that come from African regions such as Kenya and Nigeria. They positively contribute to the rich diversity of Manitoba and specifically to the wide range of cultural traditions already found in Manitoba.

They support women artisans and farming communities in Nigeria and Kenya while doing so ethically and sustainably.

CEO Joseph Edogbeni says, “It’s also very rewarding to hear and see people’s positive responses to our products. It gives us reassurance and support to know that we are doing something valuable. We are very proud to give back to our community and to see our cultural traditions reach other people who may not be otherwise exposed to it.”