Community kitchen understands the true meaning of community

No matter where you’re from, what culture you are part of, or what community you call home, there is one aspect that is central to its identity and its value — food.

And no one understands the value of food traditions to its community as Susan Belmonte, owner of Counter Space Community Kitchen.

“I wanted to create a space for people to bring their food ideas of the ground, or for someone to expand their business,” she says.

The range of food cultures that currently use her space is truly amazing.

“We have someone from Japan, a couple from the Ukraine, and some Dutch food entrepreneurs. It’s remarkable how many different food traditions are in Winnipeg and Manitoba, and it’s a pleasure that I’m able to provide a clean and efficient space for them.”

Belmonte and Counter Space are also proud to help her clients sell their products and get them into the mouths of hungry Winnipeggers. “We have walk-up days that have proven to be extremely popular. People are able to make their food in our space, and then sell directly them directly to consumers,” she says. “It’s great to be able to spread the word of the delicious food that is being produced here.”