Sanitizers, Disinfectants and Face Masks for Food & Beverage Manufacturers:

Friday, March 27th, 2020 | Industry

Food & Beverage Manitoba is working along side of the other provincial food processors associations and our national partner, Food and Beverage Canada to coordinate efforts with the federal government on several key supply chain issues. This work includes a request to Health Canada for the list of NEW manufacturers approved for manufacture of sanitation products (e.g. distilleries and breweries). We will make that list available as soon as we have it. In the mean time, the full lists of suppliers for disinfectants and sanitizers are available here:





Innovation, Science and Economic Development ISED has been contacted for help in securing face masks for our industry.  The department has responded that they understand the criticality of the personal protective equipment (PPE) issue for the food sector. They are actively considering pathways to ensure sufficient access to PPE across essential sectors. Their focus right now is on increasing the supply of PPE in Canada so that food processors can continue to purchase from traditional and expanded channels. There will be a survey going out to the sector as soon as possible so that the department can understand the critical items and their respective urgencies. Food & Beverage Manitoba will stay on top of these issues and communicate to our members all new developments as soon as we have them.