A message from FAB Mb President

Tuesday, November 3rd, 2020 |

Dear Food & Beverage Manitoba members:


I am writing to you today to provide an update on the association and to commend you, our members, for the remarkable work you are doing to keep your businesses operating and your staff employed in these most challenging times. I have had the opportunity to speak with many of you one-on-one over the past months and I have heard numerous accounts from our staff of your unique approaches adapting to the pandemic environment we are all operating in. I realize that some of you are facing significant challenges and hardships as well.


My business is facing the same challenges as yours. It is an exceptional time for me to be working with the Food & Beverage Manitoba board of directors and staff as we review, renew and re-profile the association to meet our industry’s needs. We have adopted the approach of “Business Forward”, not only for the business of the association, but for our members as well.


I am excited to tell you we will soon be launching a new program that will connect you with business specialists, industry mentors and peer-to-peer support to enable you to quickly adjust or adapt your business to new markets, new operating realities, new customer requirements etc., whatever it is that is most pressing to your company. A significant component of this new initiative will be to connect more consumers to the local foods they are seeking because of the pandemic. We will keep our members informed of all developments and how to access this program as soon as we finalize details with our Business Forward partners.


Food & Beverage Manitoba is also moving its “Business Forward”. We have made changes at the office and have more coming to support our new programs and to adapt our training programs with a new platform to meet members’ needs in this pandemic environment. These changes will complement the initiatives we have already implemented in response to the COVID-19 crisis:

  • Representing our Industry to the Federal, Provincial and Municipal Governments
  • Delivering Webinars and Forums for Members on New Business Challenges
  • COVID-19 Updates for Food and Beverage Manufacturers
  • Virtual Town Hall Meetings for Food and Beverage Manufacturers
  • Connecting Members for New Business During the Crisis


In closing, I want to thank you for your continued membership support in FAB MB. I truly believe that being a part of the association is one of the best business decisions you and I can make. As always, please feel free to reach out to me at pina@piccolacucina.ca if you have a question, comment or suggestion. I value your ideas and feedback.



Wishing you every success,


Pina Romolo

President and Chair, Board of Directors
Food & Beverage Manitoba