Interested in the Mexican marketplace? Free webinar on June 15th

Tuesday, June 6th, 2017 | Industry


The Canadian Trade Commissioner Service is organizing a webinar to give Canadian ingredients and processed foods producers and manufacturers an overview of the current opportunities in health, wellness and functional foods in the Mexican market.


The Canadian Consulate in Monterrey has hired a consultant, Mr. Bernardo Salmeron, to perform a study on the topic. Mr. Salmeron will focus on key functional and healthy ingredients and products, Mexican government policies to promote healthy foods and tips on how to identify business opportunities in the Mexican market. Likewise, Ms. Alma Garza from Importaciones Deliciosas, a Mexican importer of functional and healthy products, will share her experience and practical advices on how to succeed in the Mexican market.  Additionally, our market access expert working at the Embassy of Canada in Mexico, Mr. Alejandro Ruiz, will provide an overview of Mexican import regulations.


You will learn:

  • structure and size of the market
  • market trends
  • key industry players
  • main local and international competitors
  • main distribution channels
  • suggested market entry strategies



  • Thursday, June 15 from 2:00 pm to 3:00 pm ET

For more information, yu can contact: Marie-Pier Bouchard-Valade at


Global Affairs Canada

Trade Commissioner Service